Growing Papaya

Episode # 1 – TX 3rd May 20
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane and Blake Proud
Story Title: Growing Papaya

Papaya is so good for you and so sweet to eat, and Trevor discusses with Blake the secrets of growing delicious Papaya.

  • Papaya originates from the tropics and pretty much grows  along the equator.
  • To grow in the Southern half of Australia, they need to be in a place where its warm so a north facing wall is perfect.
  • They do like the soil to be wet, so good irrigation is important too but their food is probably the most important thing.
  • In Trevor’s garden, the natural environment and soil has been modified for optimum growing conditions, he has ground and rainwater to water to irrigate the garden and the soil has been improved here massively as there’s actually not a lot of soil, its mainly rock just 20 to 30cm down..
  • There’s a specially developed fertiliser for Perth’s terrible soils and it uses a controlled release process utilizing beneficial soil microbes to feed the plants, its called Troforte.
  • In Trevor’s view, the quality of soil makes a difference to the taste of produce too, as more mineral nutrients = more flavor.
  • Troforte can be used for everything and because the plants are getting optimal nutrition they have almost no pest and disease problems, which means no need for chemicals which is the way great produce should be delivered to the kitchen table every time.