Oakover, Food and Wine Pairing

Title: Oakover, Food and Wine Pairing
Broadcast: Episode 10, 9th August 2018
Presenter: Scott Taylor

Food and wine pairing can be difficult, so Scott takes us to a place where it’s all done for you.

  • In the beautiful swan valley region of WA is Oakover wines, established in 1929 and produce a variety of grapes creating 18 unique different wines
  • Chef Bec McConnell works closely with wine maker Dan Charter, to ensure all the wines and menu items match perfectly.
  • A clean and fresh Sauvignon Blanc is matched perfectly with their signature dish of fresh Orecchiette with roasted vegetables, Chorizo and pine nuts due to its fresh and crisp nature.
  • The dining experience at Oakover is rustic and honest, with a lot of the dishes being designed for sharing and tasting everything there is to offer between family and or friends.
  • For a bolder red wine, such as a shiraz, Bec has matched a coffee crusted beef brisket with a sweet potato puree, with the coffee balancing the acidity and sweetness of the dish.
  • You can’t beat fresh and you can’t beat local. Something that is right at the heart of the team at Oakover.