Bumbak & Sons

Episode: Delish Food Bowl Special
Title: Bumbak & Sons
Broadcast: December 2nd 2017
Presenter: Scotty Taylor

Being a wine lover, Scott is normally most excited about grapes being grown for a chardy or pinot.. but today he’s found a place doing amazing and innovative things with some amazing new Table grape varieties.

  • The innovative growers at Bumbak & Sons have been putting grins on the faces of grape fanatics across the country since the early 2000’s and growing produce in the region for 3 generations.
  • The Bumbak Brothers have developed an understanding of how to make fruits thrive in the sub-tropics.
  • Scott speaks to Mark Bumbak on the volume of grapes grown, the workers during harvest, some interesting new flavours coming through and the generation of Bumbaks involved in the company today.
  • This growing region is WA’s northern most place that grapes are grown, so that means the grapes are the first to hit the markets and in your household in November.
  • These growing conditions are perfect for table grapes. So not only are they the first to market, they’re also the best!
  • Next up Scott speaks to Dave Bumbak on how they go about getting the grapes from the vines to the plate.
  • Once the grapes are picked, the tractor comes and picks them up and from there it goes into a cool room to pull the heat out of them as quick as possible. Within 24-48 hours the grapes are on the shelves in Perth.
  • It’s incredible to think about how much work goes into getting just one bunch of perfect grapes. The guys from Bumbak’s are growing some of the best grapes in the country, and it’s great to see that it’s still a real family run business.

This episode of Delish was presented to you by The Gascoyne Food Council
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