Parry's Organic

Episode: Delish Food Bowl Special
Title: Parry's Organic
Broadcast: December 2nd 2017
Presenter: Scotty Taylor and Russell Blaikie

Back in Carnarvon and Russ is harvesting ingredients for a very special Gascoyne Garden Salad at a 100% biodynamic farm.

  • Located right alongside the mighty Gascoyne River is this place- Parry's Organic. They grow and abundance of fresh produce from the rich red soil, all chemical and pesticide free.
  • This farm is 100% biodynamic, which means this property produces everything it needs on it's own and ultimately giving us the healthiest crops.
  • Mostly tomato's, corn and bananas are the main crops but they grow a large range of other crops to sell mostly to people passing by.
  • Mark and his family have been farming here for 45 years across 3 generations.
  • You know the best way to find the best produce from the Gascoyne is to head out and pick it yourself, which is exactly what Russ does here at Parry's Organic to create his salad.

This episode of Delish was presented to you by The Gascoyne Food Council