Long Table Lunch - Carnarvon

Episode: Delish Food Bowl Special
Title: Long Table Lunch- Carnarvon
Broadcast: December 2nd 2017
Presenter: Scotty Taylor and Russell Blaikie

This part of Australia is absolutely huge and the Gascoyne region is 137,000 sq. km of ocean and land and the best way to continue discovering is to head to the Carnarvon Long Table Lunch.

  • This beautiful setting, Bentwaters Plantation on the northern side of the river, is 15 minutes from town and smack bang in the heart of the Carnarvon food bowl. It’s the perfect setting on this picture postcard day in the Gascoyne.
  • This 11-course event showcases the regions finest produce, with the best chefs in WA cooking up a storm. The entire regions produce in a lunch!
  • Once the 300 guests have arrived they are greeted with the first dish of the day and one of Russ and Scott’s Top 5: George Cooper’s Shark Bay blue manna crab with a lemon dust, little bread and butter pickles made with cucumbers, some saltbush and a buttermilk foam.
  • Next up we have a beautiful bao bun filled with a goat sausage that Stuart Laws from Don Tapas made, along with a Rangelands Goat Merguez. The main spices are harissa, chili, coriander, fennel and even a bit of cumin.
  • When it comes to Australian chefs with worldwide reputations it would be Yoda at the top of the list, because he really is the master. He’s got this unique take on technically applying some crazy ideas to food and he does some wonderful stuff with indigenous varieties, too.
  • Here he’s got a seaweed cracker and he’s used some of the bycatch from the Mareterram’s boats- some cuttlefish- and pickled that in a Geraldton wax vinegar, some dressing and a little bit of local sand fire. What a dish!
  • The fresh, sweet, salty, Flavours with the crunch of the seaweed cracker really do hit your palette and send your taste buds into overdrive. The dish is also keeping with the local seafood vibe.
  • Amy Hamilton from Liberte In Albany has created this local prawn dish. It’s like a Vietnamese prawn cocktail, Japanese mayonnaise bound with a tomato jam and some tamarind, some herbs and all on a sesame cracker. Just delicious.
  • You can’t finish any meal without a delectable desert, made with freshly picked local fruit. Sophie Budd from Tastebudds has created a Gascoyne Mess. Some freshly picked strawberries, caramelised bananas and bounded together with Bannister Downs cream and some wattle seed meringue and ’chocolate pudding fruit’.
  • The Gascoyne’s unique long table lunch is held every year in August as part of the Gascoyne Food Festival. What a winner!

To book tickets to this event, visit: https://www.gascoynefood.com.au/gascoyne-food-events/

This episode of Delish was presented to you by The Gascoyne Food Council
W: https://www.gascoynefood.com.au