Farmer Jacks part 2

Episode: 7
Title: Farmer Jacks pt 2
Broadcast: July 23rd 2017
Presenter: Scott Taylor

Today it’s off to the Farmer Jack’s warehouse, to see how the best produce from local growers ends up on your plate.

  • Farmer Jacks send a full range of everything everyday and they all go on individual pallets and then get dispersed out.
  • The fruit and veg are picked from the pallet that came down from the market floor from the grower. It’s broken up and sent to different stores.
  • Farmer Jacks stick by the pick-to-zero method; this means that they don’t actually hold stock in the warehouse. Everything that comes in today goes out today. So the stock is picked until there’s none left. This means what comes in goes out immediately so the customer is getting the produce as fresh as possible.
  • Next Scott and Frred visit one of the local stores. They spot the exact same eggplants that were picked from the market just 2 hours ago!
  • The price is about a third of what it was yesterday because of the great deal in the market. Farmer Jacks get hold of it, put it up in store and pass the savings on straight away.
  • This increases the volume, which helps everyone: it helps the customer, it helps Farmer Jacks and it helps the grower. The abundance is out of the market, which means there’s no build up.
  • Jack’s has been in the fresh produce market for decades as a leading retailer supporting the local economy with locally sourced, in season produce every day. They really know their local market, passing the freshness onto you and there are guys like Fred in every state.
  • So you can see behind the curtain it’s a pretty complicated and fast-paced thing to get this level of freshness and quality on your shelves. But you don’t have to worry about it, find yourself a super high quality green grocer just like these guys and you’re one step closer to getting restaurant quality dishes on the table at home.

Farmer Jacks
P: (08) 9384 5486

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